Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update on Celiac

So I have a date for the Endoscopy to determine if I have Celiac or not. Oddly enough, I have been almost symptom free since the day we set it up.....WTH?!

Here's part of why (I think): The medication they had me on for my "ulcer" was possibly what was causing all of the GI issues except for the actual stomach aches. I believe this because I stopped taking it when I scheduled the endoscopy because why take an Ulcer medication for Celiac? So Dr. said it was ok to stop if I felt it wasn't helping.

Well not only was it not helping but it seems it was magnifying!! On another strange note, they told me to stop the gluten free diet and eat normal until the test so that it didn't come back inconclusive... Ugh....right? WRONG. I have had two very minor stomach aches since I started eating normal again... Am I taking crazy pills? Gluten was making me so sick at one point!!! So my theory is that I DID indeed have a flare up of my ulcer and foods that had gluten in them were exacerbating the pain. (I have been told that in the past by a doctor. Gluten agitates ulcers so to get them to heal naturally you go on a GF and reduced dairy diet. I have done this in the past and healed the ulcer heal without meds. The symptoms were a bit different this time though.)

So, my hope is that I developed a short term gluten intolerance because of my ulcer but by cutting Gluten out of my diet for the time I did, I had given the ulcer time to heal itself. I don't think it's healed all the way but I am going to have the endoscopy anyway to rule out Celiac for good since this isn't the first time I've had problems with gluten (and I've met my Out of Pocket Max for the year thanks to miss E). Wish me luck. Eating GF SUCKS.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Test Results

So some of you know I have really been struggling with some pretty severe stomach aches and intestinal issues in the last month. At first I thought it was my ulcer back to haunt me but then it went from just stomach pain to stomach pain closely followed by the GI issues sometimes with every meal of the day. Well, through some elimination diet test runs, I figured out it was gluten that was causing the problem. So I emailed my Dr. and he had me get a blood test for Celiac Disease....

The test results came back and I got an email that they were in and so I went to to see the outcome. One of the results (IgA) was high or out of range and the other (IgG) was normal. Since it was after business hours, I haven't heard from the Dr. yet as to what that means... but I Googled the test name to read up on it more to try to prepare myself a little, and it seems as though a high IgA is indicative of Celiac.... Wow.... this is going to SUCK. We'll see what the doc says if it's official or not. :( (SUPER SAD FACE) This plus what's going on with my lady bits, I am really done feeling like crap all the time.

To understand what Celiac Disease is, read HERE.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer summer summer tiiime

I LOVE this weather. if it could be 75 every day of summer I would be a happy camper. But alas, it will get hotter... And lack of air conditioning = miserable mommy and baby. At least she can run around in just a diaper. That might be awkward if I did ;)

Here are some pics of swimming with the other playgroup buddies yesterday :)

In other news Emmie the cutest girl ever. Even though some days I am over how clingy she can be, my heart melted when I got home from my RS meeting last night and she lit up when she saw me. She wasn't feeling well and had been quite fussy for daddy. As soon as she got in my arms she nuzzled me and just snuggled. Sigh.... It was the BEST. I do love that girl.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Peanut

Haven't updated in a while I know... Instead of trying to catch up I'll just start from today. We had E's 4 month appointment yesterday and she's still a wee one. 24th percentile for weight and 26th for height. Oh how I love her :) As of late she is being such a good sleeper too. I have put her down while she is seemingly wide awake right after nursing her. But to my surprise, she squaks for maybe 2 minutes and then goes quietly to sleep. Yay :) As of this morning we just passed the 11 hour mark. Tiny one always sleeps longer after shots poor babe.

Here is my fav pic of her right now. Just cant get enough of those baby blues...

In other news, (if you are male and don't want to read something about me that's graphic, stop reading now!)

I have to have a Vaginoplasty. Yep, you heard me. The doctor that delivered E did not sew me back together correctly so I am almost 5 months out and still not completely healed and still having pain. Yah, not happy about it. Kaiser is so fired. I was really happy with my experience in terms of everything else but this....this just sucks. I'm looking at like 8 months from D day before I'll be able to be sexually active again?!?! Not cool. I finally burst in to tears yesterday after trying so hard to tough it out. I am so done with this and just want to be normal again.