Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The countdown begins...

So, below are a few shots from my 35 week maternity shoot done by the wonderful Hilary Erickson. She's a gem that one. Quite the talented photographer. You can see her photography blog here. She is not currently "in business" due to other demands in life but you can get a little taste for her talent. She does the occasional shoot as a favor or trade. Did I mention I heart her? Cause I do.

The leaves with light behind shot is my favorite :)

People really like this loving motherly gaze shot.

And of course the ever popular heart hands shot. Really though, it is quite precious.

I think this one truly shows that we are excited for little Emmie's arrival. Any time between now and the next 4 weeks...

Had my shower this past Saturday. Waiting on the pics from that to post soon :)