Thursday, February 26, 2009

Full Time

So Taylor started work full time this week. He is still attending school full time, and is now working full time on top of that. I admit it's been weird not having him home till 10pm at night. See, I leave at 7:45am for work and get off around 6. I used to get home about two hours after him but now he gets home several hours after I do.....weird. I worry that the poor guy is going to burn out. Pray he doesn't :-/

I really should take this opportunity to get back in to my exercise routine....but I haven't. Nope. Instead I've found many other things at home to do. So I think starting tonight or Monday I am going to try to go walking/jogging for 30 minutes after work at least 3 times a week. Cause, my stupid rear end has gained like 10+ lbs since we got married. (Grrrr.) And I can't afford new clothes. So it's crunch time. Literally.

I miss my honey terribly too....I'm so used to being able to spend our time after work together. It's hard to not just mope and wait for him to get home.....but alas, the fat will continue to accumulate on my rear if I do not get off of it.... And until he is done with shcool and a full time career man we'll have to manage this lifestyle. Sigh.....

On the plus side, now that he's full time we'll be saving $380/month on his health insurance. :-D That is a HUGE bonus. Woot

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We had a blast on our cruise! I spent the first day (Monday) really green in the face and then drunk later on from the Dramamine. But considering there were like 10 to 15 ft swells that day in the ocean and it was raining sheets it wasn't a surprise. We were supposed to dock at Catalina that day but because of our yucky weather we spent that day at sea instead due to it not being safe for us to board the excursion boats and ride over to the island.

So the next day we got to do Catalina. It's an interesting little island but unfortunately we didn't spend long there as it started raining again pretty hard. Tay and I were supposed to do a snorkeling excursion but not enough people signed up (I assume because of the me crazy) so they canceled it.

Wednesday was our day in Encinada. Soooo fun! We got to do all kinds of haggling with the little Mexican shop owners and MAN o Man you can get some smokin deals because they are pretty desperate for you to spend your money at their shop and not the next guys. Let's just say I came out pretty well ;) And we learned my sister-in-law Rachel has an amazing ability to haggle at the ripe age of 15. Awesome.

Oops, I still need to upload the Encinada ones I guess. Don't know how I missed those.

Here are some from our many dinners on the ship as well. Good times and gooooood food mmmm.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good morning sunshine!

How much do I love my husband? Let me count the ways: I awoke and got in the shower this morning and when I got out, there was this tiny little box gold wrapped on my nightstand with a tiny golden bow. In it, was this:

It's sort of a crappy picture because I took it with my cell phone but it's AMAZING! A blue saphire and diamond ring. Mmmm what an awesome birthday so far! And to make things even better I had 24 happy birthday posts on facebook and a message from my sister in Turkmenistan on my phone when I got to work this morning. I cried because I missed the call and I miss her so much :-( But am so happy she called. Drat! I always cry on my damn birthday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Next on the Agenda

So next on the list, we're heading out on our cruise on the 15th. I'm sooooo excited! However, I am really nervous about getting motion sickness. Yuck. Perhaps I'll head to the drug store today and buy everything on the shelf to prevent it. I also hear raw ginger helps. Anyone ever done the 4 day Encinada cruise? Any tips on fun things to do?

I need to stop eating for a week or so before we go to lose a couple of pounds so I can afford to gain it back on the cruise :-) Silly logic I know, but I'd rather just end up the same than heavier.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Need snow!

Ok, seriously people, this whole summer in January thing has got to stop! We went to Kirkwood on Saturday and were all snowboarding without coats. Heck yes it was awesome and the snow wasn't even icy from melting but that's besides the point! We need more snow! For two reasons: #1: I need some darned powder to surf through!!! and #2: I don't...repeat DON'T want to have to ration water and be all stressed about a drout. Drouts suck.

Crazy story: So as we are leaving Kirkwood Saturday (like 50 degrees all day I kid you not) and it has just started to get pretty nippy outside so it was perfect timing to leave. We're driving along and about two miles down the road some guy is frantically telling us to slow down! So Matt (driver) presses on the break to start slowing down and we start skidding a little. Thank Goodness for ABS. So we slow WAY down and low and behold there is a car right after the bend flipped over. So we pull over and I fully expect to have to bust out the first aid Luke and i get out and run up to the car yelling is everyone ok? and the two ladies had gotten out unscathed... CRAZY! Not a scratch on them. It was just a little late 90's model Nissan. *Note: Buy a Nissan for next car.

So we get back in the car, because someone had already gone for help, and start driving and immediately have to pull over again. The adrenaline from seeing the car had caused Luke's migraine to go full blown and he had to Yak. So sad. We had to pull over two more times so he could heave on the side of the road. Poor guy.....

Quite the adventure Saturday was....I need to start carrying my dang camera!