Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Saw a lady yesterday driving a smart car while simultaniously smoking a cigarette.... Does anyone else think that's kind of ironic?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain rain...go away...oh wait.

No! Rain is good! It means snow in the mountains and I want to do as much snowboarding as humanly possible to someone who has a full time job. (Pardon me whilst I curse under my breath) Tay got a gig as a rep for Snowbomb. We get 100 free tix to the ski and snowboard show. Yah buddy. Along with lots of free garb and free lift tickets. I love my husband for figuring out how to get free stuff all the time. It's an art. Oh...and if anyone wants tickets and info let me know. Free lift ticket for each person who goes.

Update: My kidneys are all better I think... *crossing fingers* The downside? The antibiotic they put me on for it (Levoquin) causes severe tendon ruptures especially in the achelles. So I can't work out for another month an a half until it gets out of my system. LAME!!! I swear, everytime I start getting in to a good routine...BAM! something happens to ruin it. Jeez

We're going to Yosemite for Thanksgiving. Way stoked about that. I need some Mountain time ;)

Oh, and a new website that is good for a daily laugh. It's called my life is average or MLIA. Read it,love it

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kidneys....who needs em? oh, I do

This last friday night as Taylor and I were hanging out and watching TV at around 9:30pm, my low back suddenly started to hurt and I started feeling icky really quicky. It was a strange pain tho in that it was more of a burning pain than an achy muscle pain. By 11:30 I was in tears while Taylor was unconsious in bed. The pain, especially in my right kidney was so intense that I could hardly stand it. I red up online about kidney stones and decided to try pain killers first. That helped me sleep a little but by 9am the pain was back with a vengance. Called my boss, he said go to urgent care, I think you have a kidney infection.

Two hours later, after a U.A...Ta da!!! Congratulations, you have a raging kidney and bladder infection. So fun. Here's some Levoquin and Percocet. Go home and rest (and I mean rest young lady), drink LOTS and LOTS of fluids and come back on Monday.

Monday: Follow up, feeling quite a bit better, pretty much slept the whole weekend away. (Hey, Dr.'s orders) Dr. says "I am writing you a note for work. I want you to get more rest. You can go back to work Wednesday unless you feel MUCH better by Tuesday." Note: I have NEVER had a Dr. tell me he didn't want me to go to work, and to go home and get more rest, unless I had just had surgery. I guess they don't mess around when it comes to kidney infections cause your kidneys can fail if untreated and then you get a fun filled lifetime of dialisis. NO THANK YOU. I will follow the Dr.'s orders.

Best weekend ever....NOT