Monday, June 21, 2010

8 Weeks

So here's my first preggo photo at 8 weeks. Just enough of a pooch that I can't "suck it in" anymore. Boo hiss. J/K I'm excited :)

Finally I can talk about it!

Ok, so it's been forever since I've updated but mostly because I felt like anything I say would spill the beans too early about bambino Graves, coming to a hospital near you around February 3rd 2011.

We are super excited and were a little surprised as we were not officially trying. Obviously not preventing very well either ;)

  • I have been sicker than a dog....but thankfully the Dr. Rx'd me the generic Zofran which does wonders. I can actually function on it. Though the occasional dose is not quite up to par and so I still suffer a bit. All I can say is thank goodness for medicine because I would be in bed ALL the time without it.

  • Side effect: CONSTIPATION. This has been a real battle. I've become the point of impacted twice now. I won't go too far in to detail but lets just say it takes physical intervention to get movement again. And there's blood. Lot's of it sometimes. Due to the consistency I tore and once you have a "Fissure" it doesn't heal until you can be on a complete clear liquid diet for 3 days. Seeing as how that's not possible with a growing fetus....well you get the picture...Oh the joys....

  • Eye on the prize. That's what I keep having to chant to myself as I experience the lovely discomfort that is morning (hah! more like all day) sickness, constipation, and aversion to food though hungry all the time.

  • That Duggar lady is CARAZY. 19?? At this point I think my mother is crazy too. She had 6! And was sick, if not sicker than I am. Who thought this pregnancy thing was a good idea anyway? Ok, ok, I do. I am so excited. only 32 weeks left.....