Monday, March 29, 2010

From my journey

So I'm not generally keen on posing in a bikini but I did it in part for motivation and in part to see the true results. Since my tummy has always been a problem area for me. 14.6 lbs. Wowza!

And can I just say this diet is HARD. Emotionally more so than any other diet I've ever done. Then again, I always broke down and cheated or just quit on all my other diets so I filled that emotional void with food. Not this time. Nope. It kicked my emotional butt....but it works.

I am thinking I will do the three weeks of maintenance and then maybe try to kick the last 5 or 10 on another round. I know I won't be able to do it "on my own" without the CRAZY strict structure that this plan makes you follow. But I'll let you know in 3 weeks when my maintenance is up just how I feel.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on Weight

So this plan has been working so well for me! The cat's out of the bag. I am doing the HCG diet. It's all the rage in Utah and now I see why. IT WORKS! (I'm doing the homeopathic though. No scary injections of straight hormone for me)

I have lost.....drumroll please....... 11 pounds!! In less than two weeks! And no.... it is not water weight. I was skeptical of the results I read about at first because having done Adkins before the first 5 lbs is always water weight (I lost 20lbs in one month on Atkins but it came right back as soon as carbs were re-introduced). Not with this diet. I noticed a diff in size right away but not in my hands or feet. I can tell very easily if I'm retaining water or not in my fingers. I am down a whole size already and am wearing pants today that I haven't worn in TWO YEARS! This diet is VERY strict and VERY hard, but is working so well for me because it is incredibly structured. You have to track EVERYTHING. It's not for everyone....but man o man, if you're someone who has tried everything and always gain the weight back. You might give this a try.

It IS...I repeat IS a LIFESTYLE change but it forces you to learn how to cook healthy because otherwise you get so sick of the limited food options. Now that I have all these great ideas and recipes I will definitely be cooking more often on my maintenance phase. Pray for me that I keep it off!