Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Extreme Snow

Sigh....Tay is leaving tomorrow with his dad on a business trip to Southern Colorado. They will be working some serious hours down there but it will all pay off because they get to go to this amazing place that we saw on the Warren Miller movie called Silverton Mountian. It's like going Heli-skiing but it's a lift! not groomed trails, just all fresh and steep pow! Holy crap I'm nervous for them! But sooooooo green with envy too. Lame

So I get to stay at home... and mope because I'm not extreme skiing at this amazing pace that I WANT to go SO BAD. Boo. Oh well. I may go boarding up at Kirkwood with Sammy on Saturday. He's got discount tickets. So that will be nice. I think there is some pretty fresh snow.

I guess I can catch up on my DVR'd shows too. :-/

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well, after carefully inspecting the house we were looking at, we decided not to make an offer. It needed way too much work for the price. Most of it was structural so we're talking thousands. Oh well. Better luck next time. Supposedly prices are to continue to drop drastically in the next year so we'll see.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok, so we signed the paperwork tonight to make an offer on a house! Go us! Wish us luck. Eeeekkk. We are offering less than the asking price so if we don't get it, oh well, nothing lost. :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

House shopping...

Ok, so I'll spill the beans. To those of you who don't know, we have been doing a little house hunting. Or rather, shopping. Yes, we are looking to buy a house *silent crowd cheers - aaaaahhhhh!*

Can you say roller coaster of emotion? We get excited about a prospect....and then find out there's too many things wrong with it and it would be a money sucker. Boo. But no worries, we have time. The market is going to continue to fall. So cross your fingers for us. Off we go!

P.S. I KNOW! Crazy that prices are actually in my price range in the BAY AREA!!! For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about. I would say the median home price out here for a 3 bedroom house was between $450,000-$800,000 a year an a half ago depending on the neighborhood. :-X Yikes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that make me go hmmm.....

-The fact that I've gained around 7lbs since we got married but my clothes don't seem to be fitting any tighter.....Denial maybe? Or perhaps un-explained muscle tone?....seeing as how i have worked out a whole lot of NADA since the big day. I'm so motivated
- That I am trying to pinch pennies relentlessly and yet, my credit card bill seems to be the same...am I imagining this? - - Probably not. I did just buy a new dress for our cruise (calm down, it was a gift) because I don't own anything "formal" looking that isn't WAY to formal....like my old floor-length homecoming dress.... *sigh*
-Did I mention the cruise? Yep, I'm going on a cruise with my hubby and his family. Will I be puking the whole time due to my notorious motion sickness?? LETS PRAY I don't. Any good suggestions for motion sickness or nausea? I know scopalamine (sp?) gel used to work when I had vagal nerve problems.

ok, i'm done...for now
P.S. Happy Hump day!! Yipee! Half way to Friday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Why is it that right when I am ready to change jobs (because I'm at that phase where I want to do something new and for possibly more pay...and because my patience is wearing thin) that the economy sucks?? People are laying off right and left or having hiring freezes. D'oh! Guess I should suck it up, put on a BIG. SMILE. and quit my whining because I have a job....right?