Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Gymnast

So Friday 9/10/10 was our 20 week OB appointment. My doctor was on the same wave length as me and totally agreed that Ultra Sounds are more elective usually than diagnostic. She said that as long as the pregnancy seems to be progressing at a normal level and you hear a healthy heartbeat, there is not a whole lot of reason for Ultra Sound if it doesn't change the outcome. In our case, no matter what, the outcome would be the same.... give birth to baby and we will love what ever we get. Abortion is NOT an option to us.

(The day before, we got an ultra sound but decided not to stress about it not being at the doctors office and it was cheaper anyway. THANKFULLY all was healthy and wonderful. The tech was amazing at pointing everything out and assuring us that we had a very healthy, and very tall baby girl growing with all 20 digits and a perfect little face and heart :) Yay!)

Anway..... later in the evening on Friday we were at our friends THE RAMBOW'S and I felt the baby start kicking away. I grabbed Taylor's hand and put it on my belly because he hadn't gotten lucky enough to feel her yet. The look on his face was so cute as he was in such awe that he finally got to feel her after hearing me talk about feeling her moving.

Then, this morning we were sitting on the couch waking up and my tummy was growling... well apparently she gets anxious when I'm hungry because she was kicking like crazy. So I pulled my shirt up and told him to watch and he got to see her kick twice. It was so cool :) He's so excited and scared to be a dad. No doubt he will be AMAZING. He comes from good peoples :)

Updates on baby :) It's a.....

Ok, sorry I'm a slacker and haven't updated in a while. So here's the skinny of the last week. On Thursday 9/9/10 we went to THIS 4D Imaging place to find out the gender of our little bundle.

Here are a couple of photos:
It's a............................................................GIRL!!!!!

She was so active during the Ultra Sound. It was sooo fun to watch her kicking and moving and being imodest :) We did a $100 package and then paid the extra $25 to get the live motion DVD. It was so worth it! (I would have paid $150 at my Dr.'s office AFTER insurance with no fancy pictures, CD or DVD)

Now I can pop it in and watch her get jiggy with it. And considering I'm only about 20 weeks and am starting to feel a lot of movement I think my belly is going to be moving a LOT in these coming weeks.