Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Christmas

No, not Emmie's, but it is our first Christmas as homeowners. Frankly because we were always renters coupled with the fact that we always spend Christmas at someone else's home I've never bothered to get a tree. I'm rather horrible at decorating for any holiday so it's really nothing short of a miracle that we did much at all. I owe it to the fact that we got this tree on clearance at the end of last season and my husband took care of the hard part and set it up while E and I were away for thanksgiving. It's quite cute for our first :-) So Ta-dah!!! *or Dahhhhh as Emmie says*

On another note, E has really taken a liking for pizza. Though she calls it Eatza... Touché... It really should be called Eatza. As in "I love to..." My child is brilliant.


Matt & Ali said...

Wow! She is so big now! Its been forever since i've seen a picture. Glad you posted! She is a doll!

tagraves said...

Thank you!! How are you doing? You're little one must be so big now too!